Testimonials are personal experience and expressions of the patients. Each person is different and responds to disease and treatment differently. To maintain the privacy we do not display pictures or contact information of the patients giving testimonials.

Amna Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan. (Age 28 years)

I was suffering from sciatica and was hopeless of any improvement. I visit many doctors and they told me I am suffering from sciatica, disk bulging in L3, L5. Most of them suggest me an operation. I was so afraid of operation because it may have so many side effects. Before visiting Homeopathic Dr Ghulam Mustafa all of treatment which I received in last 2 year did no good at all. Now I admit that when I first visited Homeopathic Dr Ghulam Mustafa, I was confident of the treatment. Homeopathic Dr Mustafa assures me there is no need of any operation and this disease can be cure. He starts my treatment I continued it for six months. Now I am cured of my decease. I really thank my God and feel very happy. I also thankful to Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa for my treatment. He is really a big hope for those who are suffering from disease like me. I wish him happy life.

Shahtaj Qalzbash, Lahore, Pakistan. (Age 65 years)

I was not able to walk freely for the last 3 years. In my left leg too much pain was. Pain becomes worst whenever I try to walk some distance. All of my medical reports were indicating sciatica pain. Allopathic doctors advising me for an operation. I was so confused about operation. One day while reading newspaper I saw the advertisement and just called Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa. I consult him about my disease, he advise me to start homeopathic treatment. Now it is about 4 month and I have improved much. I can walk without pain now. I feel more energy in my body. I have been recommending him to all my friends and extended family.

Muhammad Basher, Kohat, Pakistan. (Age 52 years)

I suffered from right sciatica for 2 years with little relief from Allopathic treatment. Some of my friends suggest me Homeopathic treatment from Homeopathic Dr Mustafa. I went on Homeopathic Dr. Mustafa. I was improving all the way during treatment. All these years I have been told that sciatica is incurable permanently. With homeopathic treatment I believe it is curable. Because I am live example for those who are disappointed. I have an improved lifestyle, and I am enjoying it, and I own it to Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa.

Rasheeda Bagum, Rehem Yar Khan, Pakistan. (Age 72 years)

Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa successfully treated me for knee joints pain, disk slip. I was in pain from last 6 years. One of my relative suggested that I should try homeopathy. I have heard about Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa. I consulted Homeopathic Doctor Mustafa and he treated me with homeopathic medicine. With his few months treatment I am now in good health and now there is no knee joints pain. I recommend Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa’s treatment to others people who have knee joints pain

Mrs Sibgat-u-llah, Quetta, Pakistan (Age 38 years)

Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa has been a great help, in overcoming my right sciatica pain. His homeopathic treatment is very effective. I wish all the best. I thank him for giving me so much relief in my sciatica pain. I am so happy today because of Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa’s homeopathic treatment.


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