Amna Kamran, Lahore, Pakistan. (Age 28 years)

I was suffering from sciatica and was hopeless of any improvement. I visit many doctors and they told me I am suffering from sciatica, disk bulging in L3, L5. Most of them suggest me an operation. I was so afraid of operation because it may have so many side effects. Before visiting
Homeopathic Dr Ghulam Mustafa all of treatment which I received in last 2 year did no good at all. Now I admit that when I first visited Homeopathic Dr Ghulam Mustafa, I was confident of the treatment. Homeopathic Dr Mustafa assures me there is no need of any operation and this disease can be cure. He starts my treatment I continued it for six months. Now I am cured of my decease. I really thank my God and feel very happy. I also thankful to Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa for my treatment. He is really a big hope for those who are suffering from disease like me. I wish him happy life.

Shahtaj Qalzbash, Lahore, Pakistan. (Age 65 years)

I was not able to walk freely for the last 3 years. In my left leg too much pain was. Pain becomes worst whenever I try to walk some distance. All of my medical reports were indicating sciatica pain. Allopathic doctors advising me for an operation. I was so confused about operation. One day while reading newspaper I saw the advertisement and just called Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa. I consult him about my disease, he advise me to start homeopathic treatment. Now it is about 4 month and I have improved much. I can walk without pain now. I feel more energy in my body. I have been recommending him to all my friends and extended family.

Muhammad Basher, Kohat, Pakistan. (Age 52 years)

I suffered from right sciatica for 2 years with little relief from Allopathic treatment. Some of my friends suggest me Homeopathic treatment from
Homeopathic Dr Mustafa. I went on Homeopathic Dr. Mustafa. I was improving all the way during treatment. All these years I have been told that sciatica is incurable permanently. With homeopathic treatment I believe it is curable. Because I am live example for those who are disappointed. I have an improved lifestyle, and I am enjoying it, and I own it to Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa.

Rasheeda Bagum, Rehem Yar Khan, Pakistan. (Age 72 years)

Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa successfully treated me for knee joints pain, disk slip. I was in pain from last 6 years. One of my relative suggested that I should try homeopathy. I have heard about Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa. I consulted Homeopathic Doctor Mustafa and he treated me with homeopathic medicine. With his few months treatment I am now in good health and now there is no knee joints pain. I recommend Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa’s treatment to others people who have knee joints pain.

Mrs Sibgat-u-llah, Quetta, Pakistan (Age 38 years)

Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa has been a great help, in overcoming my right sciatica pain. His homeopathic treatment is very effective. I wish all the best. I thank him for giving me so much relief in my sciatica pain. I am so happy today because of Homeopathic Dr. Ghulam Mustafa’s homeopathic treatment.